Happy Thinking People People is an Institute for qualitative market research. Founded 1989 in Munich, our continued growth has seen us open offices in Berlin (Germany), Zurich (Switzerland), Mumbai (India) and Paris (France). As an established institute we work with many renowned international companies and brands. We help them to understand the perspectives and needs of both people and markets, to help brands, products and services to become needed and liked in the real world.


Unlike the market researcher you may encounter on the phone, or when out shopping, we don’t read out a list of questions and tick little boxes. In qualitative research we are interested more in opinions and trends. We often ask “why”: letting you talk while we listen to find out how you see things and live your everyday life. We will sometimes show you new ideas and are interested in what you think. We want to hear and see from the perspective of other people in order to really be able to explain what makes something fun and enthusiastic and what plays an important role in real life. Why one thing is liked whilst something else is rejected.


Your opinion counts, no matter what it is. You do not need to know more about something than you already do and there are no right or wrong answers to our questions and tasks. Sometimes we might invite you to speak with one interviewer about a topic in detail. Or we might invite you to discuss products, brands, advertising ideas or general issues in a small group.
Topics such as:

  • What annoys you in detergent advertising?
  • How do you like a new car design?
  • What feature would you wish for in your new digital camera?

For other studies we might ask if we can accompany you on your daily shop and watch you as you prepare an evening meal. Or we might ask you to work on several tasks in our online portal, such as positing a picture to express a typical situation in daily life, or comment on the opinions of others. Our studies always have a clear date, duration, and theme and above all are interesting and fun for participants.


Because we are interested in as many different people and opinions as possible. We want to know your view of things and discover aspects which we and others might not have thought of before. The themes of our studies are very different; a popular magazine, online shopping, power tools, cosmetics, children’s toys, yoghurt, painkillers or the importance of being environmental. Not everyone has an opinion on every subject, so for each study we seek out specific groups of people with similar needs, knowledge, possessions or those who all dislike a certain product. So you won’t simply be invited to a study at random. For example, for a study on diapers we would invite only those with a baby at home. Give us some information about you to start with and then we can respond specifically when we have an interesting study you could take part in. It may take some time until your profile exactly matches to the criteria of a study, but when it does we will call you up and invite you along. You will always receive a cash incentive for your participation directly from us; the exact amount is based on the duration and effort involved.


Market research is anonymous. You are not committed to anything and in particular WE WILL NOT SELL you anything. We are not trying to convince you of anything and we won’t persuade you to do anything. We are subject to strict rules of data protection and your data is treated confidentially and only accessible to a limited number of our employees. All you tell us is strictly confidential. Any comments and information that you provide within a study we use in an anonymous form and there is nothing provided which can connect your comments back to you or your personal information. Personal information is categorically not provided to clients or third parties, nor is it for sale or rent. YOU WILL NOT GET ANY OFFERS or ADVERTISEMENTS from us or through your participation with us. Should you wish to be removed from the database, you can do this freely and without providing a reason at any time. We will happily answer any questions regarding privacy and data security at any time by email.


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